Natalie McGrorty

Natalie McGrorty

Natalie is an Intuitive Coach, Face Reader, Massage Therapist, and Doula with particular expertise in pelvic pain conditions, menstrual health, fertility and postnatal replenishment. She supports women in reconnecting to the inherent wisdom and natural rhythms of the body, as a guiding force in their lives. Working on both the physical plane and with the deeper currents of energy that permeate the body’s inner landscape, Natalie guides women to release patterns of physical tension, unexpressed emotions and limiting beliefs; inviting a renewed sense of calm, peace and trust in themselves and in the body.

It was her own struggles with chronic pain and digestive issues that fuelled Natalie’s passion to understand the body and to learn how to heal it on a deep level. Her training has taken her far and wide and she has gathered an array of tools to support both her own healing and that of other women; including mind-body techniques, lifestyle hacks and an in-depth understanding of hormonal physiology.

Drawing on her extensive training in the field of women’s health, Natalie provides a holistic approach that supports women in realising greater health and vitality. Recognising that the hormonal cycles are a reflection of overall health, Natalie empowers women to uncover underlying root causes that are impacting their health and supports them to make positive steps towards a more vibrant life. Optimising hormonal balance is a key component, as well as supporting women to reconnect to and understand the wisdom of their innate cyclical rhythms.

In her practice Natalie offers a variety of modalities in order to support mind, body and spirit; as whilst good nutrition and lifestyle tweaks are foundational for health and hormonal harmony, if thought patterns and emotions are not tended to or given space for exploration, true healing can be elusive.

There are many possible paths to healing and the various Classes, Consultations and Healing Sessions offered here are designed to support you in finding the right path for you. Take a moment to read through the various offerings and feel into what most resonates with you. If you would like further information on anything, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Natalie’s training includes:

        Abdominal-Sacral Massage™ certification.
        Fertility Massage Therapy™ certification.
        Rejuvance™ Facial Massage certification.
        Women’s Health Coach certification from the Integrative Woman’s Health Institute.
        Optimal Fertility: Preconception Detoxification and Preparation Program Certification, IWHI.
        Nutrition & Fertility CPD: Institute of Optimal Nutrition.
        Holistic Pelvic Energy™ Certification, with Tami Lynn Kent. 
        Heart Led Living Intuitive Coaching certification, with Sue Dumais, Canada.
        Herbal Medicine for Women, with Dr. Aviva Romm. (On-going)
        Master Face Reading Program, Lotus Institute. USA & UK.
        Love Your Guts training, with Marty Ryan.
        Reiki First Degree.

Specific Birth and Postnatal education includes:
        Paramana Doula certification, with Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers.
MAM- 3 Step Rewind Method, with Mark Harris of Birthing Awareness Training.
        Gentle Natural Birth – Birth Professional Education, with Dr Sarah Buckley.
        Pain to Power Childbirth, with Debra Pascali-Bonaro.

Natalie is insured through BGi

In addition to her work in the healing arts, Natalie is also an artist and you can see some of her work here: www.nataliemcgrorty.com