3-Step Rewind - A gentle way to release traumatic feelings


What is the 3-Step Rewind Method?

The 3-Step Rewind Method is a gentle and safe way of working with men and women of all ages, to lift the heavy or intense feelings and symptoms that can remain after a difficult or traumatic experience, even if the experience occurred many years ago.

This method was created primarily for parents and birth professionals, who experience challenging feelings or physical symptoms after a difficult or traumatic birth, post natal or breast feeding experience, or any other perinatal trauma. However, the steps can effectively be used following any kind of traumatic experience.

The 3-Step Rewind method naturally activates a person's innate ability to heal themselves. The simple but effective steps enable you to move through past traumatic experiences, acknowledge their current impact on your day to day life and create a path forwards, so that you can release the difficult feelings associated with the memory and step into greater peace and wellbeing.

The beautiful thing about the 3-Step Rewind method is that you DO NOT have to share the details of the difficult or traumatic experience in order for the process to be effective. As long as the memory is there, you can be guided through the steps and find relief.

What to expect?

The 3-Step Rewind Method most typically involves three 1hr sessions, although sometimes two sessions suffice and in other cases a forth session is required. The sessions can be received over Skype or in person.

Initial Session: During the initial session, if you feel comfortable doing so, there will be an opportunity for you to share what happened to you, however the process can be successfully done without these details. There will also be time to explore how the experience that you had is impacting your life and how you would prefer to feel going forwards. You will then be guided through a relaxation process.

Rewind Session: In the second session we will begin with the guided relaxation shared at the end of session one and then proceed into the 3-Step Rewind process. This can take up to an hour. In some cases it is valuable to repeat this session but if that is the case, you will not be required to pay for the second Rewind session.

Final Session: The final session is designed to consolidate and deepen the shifts that have occurred from the Rewind process, so that they carry forwards.


£40 per session or £105 if paid upfront for all three sessions. (It is important to see the process through to completion)
(Concessions are available)

If you would like to find out how the 3-Step Rewind Method can support you, please contact Natalie: 07599283033 / natalie@lunarhealingarts.com

For more information about the 3-Step Rewind Method, please see: Birthing Awareness