Providing a calm and nourishing service, as you get to know your baby

"Nat is pure nourishment for the soul. Meet her and you’ll see! Getting her help on board after our second child was born was simply the best decision. Always arriving on time and with an enormously warm smile, ready to assist in any way possible: entertaining my eldest; cuddling/walking/nappy changing the smallest; bringing me endless glasses of water while breast feeding; hanging up the laundry; cooking something delicious for our supper or often most importantly of all, just being there to listen or chat to. Her support was incredibly valuable and what a boost it was to have her positive and calming energy around us whilst living through the roller-coaster that is a newborn baby. My heartfelt thanks Nat for rescuing me on so many occasions!" JC

As a postnatal doula, I am here to support you in the early days and weeks with your newborn, after the life-changing journey of birth; whether that be the birth of your first child or subsequent children. I have many years of experience caring for babies and women and my intention is to support you as you care for your baby, so that you also feel nourished and cared for yourself.

My service also includes supporting parents in juggling the needs of siblings - helping everyone with the transition of welcoming a new member of the family! 

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Ways in which I can support you might include:
Caring for your baby, whilst you rest, sleep, take a stroll or spend time with other children you may have.
Cooking you delicious nourishing meals and making you snacks as needed, to support your energy levels.
Bringing you cups of tea and glasses of water throughout the day.
Supporting you with feeding your baby.
Providing a listening ear and gentle encouragement.
Talking through your birth experience, if you wish to.
Stacking a dishwasher of putting a wash on.
Hanging out laundry or doing a local shop.
Helping you to find resources and additional support if needed.
Nourishing facial massage can be given in your home.
Gentle, restorative therapeutic techniques for the womb and abdomen.

Rates vary depending on hours required and where you live. Please call to discuss further: 07599 283 033

Feedback from women I have supported as a Postnatal Doula:
"Natalie came to my aid six weeks after my son was born. I had developed tenosynovitis in my wrists and was unable to lift him due to the pain. It was a challenging time for me both physically and emotionally.

Natalie gave me practical help as well as much needed emotional support. She was a calming presence in our home and had a lovely way with Harrison, generating lots of smiles. She was sensitive in respecting my approach to mothering as well as providing advice when I needed it."  Zoe Hawes

 "Nat is a wonderful, calm and kind doula. She came to help us after the birth of our second son. She would immediately sense what we needed help with and would look after the new baby, our toddler or attend to general domestic chores. We loved having her around, both for her practical and emotional support, and also for her advice and experience in the post-natal stage. I cannot recommend her highly enough." Anna Stevenson

"Natalie was a wonderful support to me after the birth of my second baby, by caesarian. My new baby became ill with meningitis, which meant I had to stay in hospital longer than anticipated and be away from my other son, which I found very heartbreaking for the first time.  I returned home very exhausted and emotional. To know that Natalie was arriving soon, was such a relief to me and I am not sure how I would have coped without her!  

My 16 month old toddler was finding it tough to have a new baby around and Natalie provided the perfect balance that I needed - taking care of the new baby in between feeds, so that I can spend special time with my toddler, so that he didn’t feel left out.  When Natalie left, I really noticed the difference and really missed her, especially with the amount of nappies I had to suddenly do all on my own!!  
My husband and I felt so supported by Natalie and couldn’t have managed without her. We knew only too well the stresses and strains of having a new baby with no help and no family nearby. Natalie was a necessity that we knew we desperately needed second time round. 

Natalie has a wonderful demeanour and is so good with children and with babies. She has a very calming manner and is very unobtrusive within the household - giving you also the space you need to be with your baby.  She has a huge wealth of knowledge about all kinds of things to do with babies and childcare, due to all her specialist training in the subject. She also takes a natural interest in postnatal work and knows a great deal. Natalie always gently encouraged me to connect with my own mothering instinct,  when trying to absorb conflicting advice from midwives, health visitors and NCT advisors, so that I could follow my own instincts and act accordingly. 

Natalie took it upon herself to cook a very delicious and home cooked dinner every night, for my husband and I and ensured I had lunch, as I was very bad at finding the time to feed myself, between breast feeding.  Natalie is actually a wonderful cook, cooking with interesting ingredients and a wide variety of vegetables!  This was certainly not in the initial job description and shows how Natalie always goes that extra mile.  Waking up every morning, knowing that Natalie was there to support me was such a huge relief, as my husband had to go back to work pretty quickly. We managed to get out and about together and I began to feel  back to normal quite quickly. She also enabled me to have some daytime naps - looking after both children to give me a rest. I cannot recommend Natalie more highly -  without her support I am not sure how we would have managed." Alix Porter