Navigate life with greater ease

Intuitive Coaching sessions offer a safe space in which to explore life’s challenges, as and when they arise; whether they be in the physical, mental or emotional realm. Intuitive coaching guides you to look inwards for the answers you seek and provides the tools to navigate your life with greater ease. Through guided visualisation and dialogue these sessions help you to connect more deeply with your inherent wisdom - that deep inner knowing, as the guiding force in your life.


From a young age many of us are taught out of our instinctive, intuitive natures and instead learn to live predominantly from the mind, which can lead to great confusion, pain and turmoil. Often it is the body that alerts us to the discrepancy between the mind’s direction and the heart’s true knowing, by way of uncomfortable symptoms and a sense of unease. In these sessions you will discover how to unwind the mind, decode the messages of your body and ultimately tap into the wisdom of your heart, so that you can find greater harmony both within and without.

Sessions are held via Skype or over the phone.

Cost: £47 for 1 hr.
         £30 for 1/2 hr.

Please contact me to book or for more information: / +44 (0)7599283033