Deepen your connection to the innate wisdom and creativity of your body.

Take your creative dreams.
Place them in the deeper currents,
Where your body meets spirit -
And they will become real.
(Tami Lynn Kent)

Holistic Pelvic Energy™ is a unique practice consisting of energetic tools designed to evaluate core patterns, restore balance and enhance vibrant flow in the pelvic bowl, enhancing overall vitality and wellbeing.

Holistic Pelvic Energy™ perceives imbalances in the pelvis and / or in the energy system, as guidance from the body that reveal an opening for transformation. Through connecting with the pelvic bowl and the wealth of wisdom that resides here, there is great potential for healing.

Where the energy is blocked in a woman’s pelvic bowl, so too is her access to her full expression. Conversely, when the energy in this fertile place is tended to and is flowing with ease, creativity and health can flourish and we can more easily give shape to our dreams.

Through Holistic Pelvic Energy™ sessions, I support women in working with the energy of the pelvic bowl, in deepening their connection to the natural rhythms of the body and in tapping into their innate wisdom as the guiding force in their lives. By clearing blocked energy and long-held tension patterns, women can then harness the creative potential and innate intelligence of their feminine creative centre.

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Image credit: Max Brockman-More

We all begin life in the sacred space of the womb and whilst science can explain how this occurs to a certain degree, it remains nevertheless a mystical, magical occurrence and the womb is a miraculous organ.

Nestled deep within the pelvic bowl, the womb sits accompanied by her fallopian tubes and the ovaries, in close proximity to the other pelvic organs; all beautifully protected by the bony pelvis. Importantly, even when the physical organs are no longer present due to injury or surgery, the energetic imprint of them remains throughout our lives and can be supported and nurtured all the same.

Women often hold emotions in the pelvic bowl, which can interrupt the vital flow of energy here and contribute to physical symptoms. In addition, painful periods, trauma, pregnancy loss, fertility challenges, pelvic pain, limiting beliefs and feelings of shame and fear can lead us to disconnect from this creative centre.

Through bringing awareness to the body and reflecting on what is present, we have the opportunity to connect with and receive guidance from within and create new patterns of energy that nourish and support us.


Holistic Pelvic Energy™ is part of Holistic Pelvic Care™ (created by Tami Lynn Kent) but does not include the internal pelvic work. During a Holistic Pelvic Energy session, you will lie fully clothed on a massage couch and I will be seated beside you with my hands lightly on your belly. Through gentle palpation and dialogue, I will begin by assessing the energy flow of the body. Then, using tools such as subtle pulsing, hands-on energy techniques, visualisation and breath work, I will guide you to clear and replenish areas of diminished energy, stagnation, disconnection or restriction, in order to restore greater balance and harmony within your body. During the course of the session buried emotions may wash up and if they do they will have the opportunity to be witnessed and released in a gentle and safe way.

You will also learn how to use tools such as inner vision, inner sensation and breath, so that you can continue to deepen this work and support your body at home. As you cultivate more vibrant energy flow throughout your pelvic bowl, you will be able to inhabit this space more fully and receive the benefits that naturally follow.

Working in this way can assist you in times of transition and challenge and is a gentle yet powerful way to work with physical symptoms, particularly those associated with the pelvic bowl. By shifting old energy patterns and beliefs held in the pelvis, it clears the way for a new experience of life where you can more easily follow the inspiration of your inner creative flow.


Initial session: 75 minutes - £60
Subsequent sessions:1hr session - £50
(Phone sessions are also available)

To book a session or for more information, please call or email me:  
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