Discover the wisdom of your body

‘Thank you! We had a great girls night in. It was a gorgeous evening where Natalie, with her gentle and beautiful manner, brought us vital and important knowledge that we all should have regular access to.’ LV

Girls' Night In workshops have been created to reconnect women to the inherent wisdom of the body and to invite a more positive relationship to the cycles within.

‘I can't believe how much I didn't know about my own body!’ is something I commonly hear from clients and at the end of workshops. I would love all women (ideally from a young age) to more deeply understand the workings of their exquisitely complex and wise bodies and as such, to be empowered to better nourish and care for them.

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'Girls' Night In: Womb Wise is the original workshop designed to demystify the menstrual cycle, so that you can better understand and partner with your cyclical, hormonal physiology and enhance every area of your life. N.B. ‘Girls’ Night In’ workshops can also be focused on Fertility, Perimenopause, or the Menopause if requested.

Girls’ Night In: Womb Care follows beautifully from GNI: Womb Wise, sharing self-care practices, massage, acupressure, visualisation and other home practices to deeply nourish and care for your womb and ovaries. (For this workshop, it is preferable that space allows for each woman to lie down). It is recommended to have completed GNI: Womb Wise to enhance the benefits of this workshop, but not essential.

*Daytime gatherings can also be arranged if preferred.


- You love an excuse to gather your friends together and learn something new?

- Perhaps your energy and mood has been crashing before your period and you are at a loss as to what to do?

- Maybe you have a daughter or niece and would love to ease her transition into womanhood in a positive, empowering way?

- Has your cycle always been regular as clockwork but suddenly it has gone haywire?

- Maybe you would love to get pregnant but it is just not happening or you haven't the foggiest when you ovulate?

- Do you suffer each month with dreadful pain and other symptoms?

- Has your libido plummeted or you just feel tired all the time?

- Perhaps you would love to know how you can partner with your innate creative cycle to optimise every aspect of your life?...

HOW IT WORKS: One woman hosts the evening in her own home and invites 5+ friends to join her for an evening of self-discovery and girl time! The host provides whatever drinks and nibbles she likes and as a thank you for hosting, receives the workshop for free, as long as there are a minimum of 5 guests attending.

COST: Each of the 5+ guests pays £20 for the evening. There is a minimum cost of £100 for the workshop, so if there are less than 5 guests, the cost is divided between the group. If there are more than 5 guests, each additional guest also pays £20 for the workshop.

TIMING: 7-9.30 PM (Please arrive by 6.45pm) * N.B. Daytime classes are available on request.

FORMAT: The evening can be tailored to the particular interests/stage of life of the group but the focus will be an exploration of our cyclical hormonal physiology and learning practical ways to create balance and harmony month-long. You may be surprised about what you discover! I will bring all that I need and for GNI: Womb Wise, I don’t require much space, so it is fine if the room is snug, as long as there is somewhere for each person to sit. For GNI: Womb Care, it is ideal if each woman can lie down for the self-massage portion of the class.

CANCELLATIONS: Please note that it is the responsibility of the host to ensure that the minimum cost of the workshop is paid 1 week in advance of the workshop. Cancellations made after this point will not be refunded but the workshop can be rebooked within the following month, for an additional fee of £20.

TIP: It is recommended to invite your friends to bring a notebook and pen, incase they want to make any notes.

BONUS: Each woman will receive a £10 voucher towards either a Womb Wise consultation, a Face Reading Consultation, a Holistic Pelvic Energy Session or a 1hr Facial Massage. (Voucher is valid for 3 months after the workshop).

And the best bit - you get to spend the evening in the company of your girl friends!

If you would like to book a Girl's Night In, please contact Natalie: / 07599 283 033 (Currently only available in Bristol, UK). *Daytime gatherings can also be arranged if preferred. If you would like to combine both Girls’ Night In workshops into a full day workshop, this can be arranged.

A flavour of Girls' Night In:
'Natalie’s guidance and wisdom had had a hugely positive impact on my life, and I was keen for my friends to experience its benefits too. Many of them were struggling, as I had, with challenging menstrual cycles, without being aware of the many things we can do to bring our bodies into balance naturally. So I decided to host a Girls’ Night In – it seemed like a lovely way to share Natalie’s teaching with other women I care about.

This was more than just a workshop; because we were a group of friends it became a safe space for us to share our personal experiences and get answers to the questions we really wanted to ask. It was fun, relaxed and informative. As always seems to be the case when I see Natalie, I came away with valuable new tips and insights (even having done her Womb Wise workshop and a consultation).

Our Girls’ Night In was very special. One of my friends who came along has since shared with me that she found it ‘life-changing’. I highly recommend this workshop – not just for women who’ve struggled with periods or fertility issues, but anyone who’d like to gain a deeper understanding of their body and lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.' DS