Connect with the deeper truth of who you are and bring forth your gifts to the world.

“From birth until the age of 25 you have the face that your mother gave you. From age 25-50, you create your own face. And, from 50 on, you have the face that you deserve!” Mary Chen Lowe, grandmother of Lillian Pearl Bridges.

Humans are born with an innate ability to read faces; gazing up at our mother or father’s face we learn to recognise, understand and copy both the subtle and more obvious changes in expression. Although our faces often show similarities to our family of origin, we each have a unique combination of features and traits that all give clues to our personality, preferences and life experiences thus far.

Face Reading and Facial Diagnosis are branches of Chinese Medicine, practiced for thousands of years. In ancient China it was seen as improper for a doctor to touch their patients, so Face Reading became an invaluable tool for diagnosis, along with pulse reading and assessing the tongue. Today, Face Reading continues as a remarkable tool for truly seeing and assessing a person’s wellbeing – mind, body and spirit - and has many applications.

Whilst it might be assumed that genetics determine the face we each have, in actuality the face is like a hologram that can readily morph and change moment to moment; revealing our current state of emotional, mental and physical health, how we have lived, our tendencies and preferences and also how we feel and express ourselves in our day to day lives.

The varying sizes and shapes of the features, their placement, symmetry and colouration all reveal a great deal about the health, experiences and personality traits of the person they belong to. Equally, the lines, wrinkles and other markings on the face show how we express or repress emotions and provide a map of significant experiences that have occurred since our conception.

A Face Reading Consultation provides a unique opportunity to connect with the deeper truth of who we are, to understand our strengths, create greater balance and to recognise our often-untapped talents and abilities; so that we can live the life we have chosen more fully and bring forth our gifts to the world.


  • If you are feeling blocked with regard to your fertility and / or creativity.

  • If you are struggling to step out of recurring patterns and beliefs.

  • During times of emotional challenge.

  • During times of transition.

  • If you are seeking clarity about where you are going in your life.

  • During times of turbulence in your relationships.

  • If you are curious about your unique talents and abilities and how to realise them more fully.

  • If you would like to understand yourself more deeply.

  • If you have never tried it!

  • If you are experiencing particular health challenges.

  • If you are feeling lost.

  • If you would like to live in a way that better supports you.

Face Readings can be given in person or over Skype. Whilst talking with you, I will read your face and share the insights that I get.

For Skype readings, 4 clear photographs are required in advance of the reading: 1 clear headshot with a straight face, i.e. not smiling, 1 clear head shot smiling, 1 clear profile shot showing the right side of the face including the ear, 1 clear profile shot showing the left side of the face, including the ear. Please take the photographs in natural daylight where possible. If taking indoors, please avoid lighting that causes heavy shadowing on the face. Please remove any makeup before the reading/ before taking your photographs.

Face Readings are 1 hr in duration.


I have trained with Lillian Pearl Bridges, the world’s leading authority on Face Reading and Diagnosis and have completed her Master Face Reading Certification training. Lillian is credited for bringing this body of ancient knowledge back to the field of Chinese Medicine and introducing it to Western Medicine and Business. You can read more about Lillian and her company the Lotus Institute here: