Creating a positive birth experience, however it unfolds

"Natalie truly is a gifted practitioner. After we attended Natalie's birth class my partner and I felt much more confident, as she shared with us very practical tools that we could draw upon during labour and birth. The class also gave us more confidence about our decision to birth our son at home. Additionally, her understanding of cutting edge research around birth and health was very reassuring. It was the most empowering experience of my life and I feel so blessed to have also had Natalie alongside me as my birth doula, as well as my partner." (CL)

Empowering you throughout your pregnancy & birth

Birth is one of the most transformative experiences of life and an event that will be remembered lifelong. During this experiential and practical workshop, I will provide you with valuable tools to understand each stage of this most sacred of human experiences, leaving you feeling more confident and prepared for birth. My birth preparation workshop draws on traditional midwifery wisdom, mind-body techniques and the latest scientific understanding on the physiology of labour and birth. I invite you to come and enjoy a day dedicated to the wonders of birth,  in which you can connect with your baby, your partner and yourself, and be fully supported in what is unfolding for you. This can also be an opportunity to gather with others and to share in your experiences.

*Private classes, tailored to your individual requirements are also available on request.*

Some of the topics included:

  • Your Body, Your Baby – We cover how to prepare for birth, physically and emotionally, as well as how to create the optimal birth environment for you, wherever it takes place. We look at ways of deepening self-awareness and prenatal health. We also consider birth preferences, making informed decisions and the benefits of going full term in your pregnancy.

  • You and Your Baby Are Amazingly Designed For Birth – We discuss the physiology of labour and birth, to help you feel confident in your body's and your baby's natural ability to birth, looking specifically at the interplay of hormones and how they support both you and your baby during labour and birth. We look at comfort measures, acupressure techniques, labour positions, tips for birth partners and the benefits of a calm presence at the birth.

  • The 4th Trimester – We talk all about what happens from the moment of birth onwards, looking at self-care practices, diet and nutrition and managing your energy. We look at the role of the placenta and optimising the ease of its delivery, as well as how to safeguard the magical hours after birth. We consider ways to rest and replenish your body postpartum and what to expect in the first few weeks with your newborn, including breastfeeding tips.

Holistic Birth Preparation - Workshop details:

Currently this workshop is being offered as a private class for pregnant women and their partner/birth partner. Workshops are held in your own home and will be tailored to you.


1 x 3hr session  £120 
2 x 2hr sessions £160 (£80 per session - ideally no more than 2 weeks apart)

To book or for more information, please call or email me:  
+44 (0)7599 283 033 /

Feedback from previous workshops:

"A wonderful alternative to NCT"  David Nassim

"We found the class absolutely perfect. It answered all of our questions and brought us a better and detailed knowledge of what is going during labour, as well as very useful tips for after the birth. We really enjoyed the class and we both felt reassured afterwards with a better understanding of what we are going to go through. We thought the length was appropriate as we could cover quite a lot but didn't feel like it was too much to take on and the price was very reasonable." JG

"Natalie's class went well beyond our expectations and provided a detailed and useful guide to the birth process. We really felt that her curriculum was crafted for intelligent adults, unlike some of the publicly funded options we accessed. The respect and generosity Natalie brings to birth support is absolutely amazing. We could not recommend it highly enough." HP

"My partner and I attended Natalie's birth preparation course. The sessions were incredibly informative. Natalie's wealth of knowledge astounded us, and she is really passionate about her subject.

The course was an important bonding time for my partner and I. By going through this course together we found a level platform in terms of knowledge and were able to create our birth plan together. Natalie's balanced approach helped us to make some important choices regarding how we did and how we didn't envisage the birth of our baby. We were also pointed to really useful, reliable sources of information. As a result we felt the confidence to pursue our strong desire to have a natural birth with minimal medical intervention. 

Natalie gave us practical advice for labour, showing us pressure points to ease pain during contractions, and different positions for me to try during the first and second stages. This was particularly helpful for my partner and after the course we both had more confidence in the role he was going to play.

After the course Natalie continued to be a support to us by email and phone. She is really an exceptional birth educator who goes above and beyond expectations. I would highly recommend to attend her classes!" AP

"The class more than met my expectations. Since this class I have attended NHS and NCT antenatal classes and your class was by far my husband's and my favourite. Since your class I have had the confidence to decide on having a home birth which deep down was what I had wanted all along but I felt constrained to conform. Your class gave me the knowledge, tools and confidence in my own body to go ahead and plan for a home-birth. Natalie was a brilliant and very knowledgeable teacher"  :) RL

"A bit of feedback for those who are unsure, my partner said this was the most useful source of information for him when preparing for the birth of our son and we both really enjoyed it x "