Restore vitality and reconnect to the inherent wisdom of your body

"I have just received my second abdominal massage with Natalie, and once again found it one of the most nurturing and relaxing treatments I've ever had. The next day I could really notice a difference; my belly and lower back felt much more alive and energised. Natalie is a remarkable therapist totally dedicated to her work and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone needing support and guidance with their health and emotional life." (JD)

Bringing your body into balance and alignment

Abdominal-Sacral Massage and Fertility Massage are both specialist forms of abdominal massage that focus on supporting the optimal health of the reproductive, digestive, and urinary systems of the body. Depending on your unique requirements, a combination of both therapies is offered to gently bring the organs within the abdominal area into proper alignment, releasing pressure and strengthening the surrounding muscles and ligaments.

For women, the massage increases circulation to the womb, ovaries, and fallopian tubes, promoting hormonal balance and easing both menstrual health challenges and postmenopausal symptoms. It helps correct misalignment of the uterus, assists the body in eliminating old stagnant blood, and gently breaks down adhesions and scar tissue. It has traditionally been used to support optimal fertility and is very beneficial in preparing the womb for pregnancy and in realigning the abdominal organs postpartum. 

In addition there is increased circulation to the digestive system following the massage, which supports optimal health and soothes the digestive tract encouraging natural movement and elimination. 

What is involved in the initial consultation & massage?:
- An in depth case history will be taken prior to your appointment and reviewed at the beginning of the consultation. Then you will receive the massage, tailored to your individual health requirement.

Contraindications: (Please read before booking your massage)

- Just prior to or during a period, although the massage can be adapted.
- If you have an IUD/Coil fitted.
- Immediately following abdominal surgery.
- Presence of open wounds or active infection.
- Fever.
- First trimester of pregnancy.

* If trying to conceive, it is recommended to schedule your sessions between the end of your period and ovulation. Beginning the massage 3 months prior to conception is optimal but it is helpful at any stage. The massage is also beneficial in preparation for and alongside IVF.*


Initial massage without consultation for new clients: £65(75 minutes)
Initial massage + consultation for new clients: £90 (2 hrs)
Subsequent massage appointments: £60 (75 minutes)

  • If you are a new client and would like to receive the massage without any consultation or guidance around your menstrual health or fertility, you can book an initial 75 minute session for £65. A brief health history will be taken and reviewed in advance of the appointment to better tailor the session to you but otherwise the session will be the massage only. Please specify that you are wanting this option when booking.

  • If you have had a Womb Wise Consultation in the past, you do not need to book a consultation + massage, unless you wish to discuss changes to your health prior to receiving the massage. If it has been some time since your consultation however, you may be asked to complete a new intake form before your appointment.

  • Subsequent sessions: If you have previously completed a New Client form, either for a massage appointment or for a Womb Wise consultation you can book this session. This session allows time for a brief 10 minute check in plus the massage, if you would like to discuss what you are experiencing in more depth please book a longer follow-up session (1 hr 40 - £75) or a Womb Wise consultation.

Womb Wise Consultations: £47/hr
A Womb Wise consultation provides the opportunity to discuss your current menstrual health and/or fertility challenges in more depth. A full health history will be taken prior to the session and we will then talk through what you are experiencing when we meet. Practical recommendations will be made and explained, so that you feel empowered to start making the desired shifts towards greater hormonal balance and physical comfort. Consultations can be in person or via Skype.

To book a session or for more information, please call or email me:  
+44 (0)7599 283 033 /

*CANCELLATION POLICY: Unfortunately last minute cancellations do not allow time to fill the session. Therefore, please note the following cancellation policy when booking:

  • Cancellations or changes made more than 48 hours before your scheduled appointment: No charge

  • Cancellations or changes made less than 48 hours before your scheduled appointment: 50% of session cost is payable.

  • Cancellations or changes made less than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment: Full session cost is payable.

What clients say:
"A friend recommended I see Natalie for an abdominal massage as she said it was a wonderfully nourishing treatment.  Following on from a miscarriage, I was trying to get pregnant again but it was proving a little tricky.  I was initially a bit wary that I might not like having my tummy rubbed, but it proved to be a fabulous treatment and incredibly relaxing.  I was due to ovulate a few days later and Natalie said she could tell which side she thought was going to ovulate.  To my astonishment, a day or two later I felt a little sensation on the left hand side of my tummy where Natalie had pointed to, and I knew that this was my body ovulating (which I’d never felt before), and what a great signal!  I fell pregnant immediately and I know that Natalie’s magical massage played a part in making this happen.  Wonderful!  And now I am happy to tell friends what an amazing treatment it is and perhaps more importantly, what a fantastic practitioner Natalie is." JC

"I sought Natalie's expertise to aid my recovery after a miscarriage. I felt I had lost confidence in my body, that my body was 'failing' and was beginning to worry that I might not have another successful pregnancy. Natalie was wonderful from the beginning: positive, warm, caring and supportive as well as incredibly knowledgeable. She created a treatment plan to support my physical recovery; the abdominal massages were amazingly relaxing, nurturing and restorative. Natalie's extensive knowledge of fertility, health and nutrition were invaluable in helping me to recover physically and to trust in my body. After just a few monthly sessions with Natalie, I fell pregnant again and am convinced her treatments and positive approach had a huge effect. I am so grateful to Natalie and highly recommend her." EP

"I had been trying to conceive for over two years and had recently been diagnosed with PCOS. I was told that PCOS should not effect my fertility but was put on a waiting list to have an laparoscopy and hysteroscopy procedure to investigate the cause of infertility. The prospect of having to undergo such a procedure really frightened me and so I decided to research holistic methods to help with fertility and PCOS. This is where I came across Natalie's website and her Fertility Massage Therapy. Natalie is really informative and is obviously very knowledgeable and experienced with fertility issues. I found the abdominal massage to be really relaxing and soothing after initially being apprehensive. Natalie encouraged me to emotionally connect with my womb and also educated me on how to do self-massage. I had booked a second massage with Natalie for the following month, however I miraculously found out I was pregnant 😀. I'm pretty sure that Natalie's treatment contributed to me conceiving, I just can't believe how quickly it worked. I had also been having Accupuncture for fertility which may have contributed also. I am now six months pregnant and often still ask Natalie for advice on issues in pregnancy and nutrition. Natalie is always so supportive and genuinely interested in my well being." SB

“I went to see Natalie for Fertility massage for both scar tissue pain and fertility issues and would highly recommend it. I feel the massage helped me to feel in tune with my womb area for the first time in a long time, and to realise how important it felt to bring energy and really concentrate on healing the area.  I felt relaxed and supported by the massage and having it before IVF embryo transplant to energise and prepare my womb for the embryo, felt incredibly supportive and helped me to feel relaxed and ready, both emotionally and physically for the procedure. I also feel it was very nurturing for my body and am sure it helped the final outcome as the IVF was successful :-) I always feel utterly supported and positive after seeing Natalie for massage and she has been a wonderful support - her holistic approach with extra suggestions to help with emotional, various lifestyle aspects and natural nutritional information have really helped my wellbeing, and opened my eyes to lots of other positive life choices and ways to deal naturally with my fertility issues. I can definitely say that having abdominal massage and continuing with life and diet changes that Natalie suggested have helped me to feel the most healthy and happy I have felt within myself for a long time, and I feel so grateful to have had her support and skills in abdominal massage.” LS

"Prior to having abdominal sacral massage, I was suffering greatly from a prolapsed uterus and bladder after the birth of my daughter. I also had horrendous period pain each month along with an erratic cycle. To add to my woes I also had poor digestion. I had been fitted with a pessary by the gynaecologist to hold my prolapses "up", but I wanted to try something more proactive to help get my body back. Natalie offered a multi stranded approach to achieving this. The abdominal sacral massage has been central to that. Immediately I noticed I was less bloated and  my digestion was more comfortable. My period pain was reduced significantly and over a number of months my cycle has become regular for the first time in my life. My prolapse's have improved to the extent that I can mange without the pessary. Natalie has also taught me the correct method for doing pelvic floor exercises so I can maintain and improve my pelvic floor strength. She has also taught me how to do a basic massage to help maintain a happier abdominal cavity! I will always be grateful for all her help." AN 

"When I first came to see Natalie I had been trying to conceive for over 7 years and was desperate to find something to relax me after numerous failed IVF cycles and to try and make my body feel human again. In the hope of maybe trying to conceive naturally after finally being diagnosed with Endometriosis after a long fertility journey. On meeting Natalie I was struck by her kindness and empathy. She is so extremely professional in all that she does. The massage is extremely relaxing and I feel as if I am really being looked after. I always look forward to my treatments, as I know I am going to feel relaxed and my womb supported. Natalie always make me feel supported and if there is anything that she hears of or reads that she thinks will benefit me she always emails me. I would wholeheartedly recommend fertility massage with Natalie  to anyone trying to conceive. She is extremely skilled and  knowledgeable and the massage relaxes the whole body - specifically concentrating on the womb and reproductive area by a qualified practitioner." CS

"Natalie gave me a series of three abdominal-sacral massages. I had been struggling with regaining my sense of self and confidence after my pregnancy and a rather hard few years. After the first massage, in which I had the most amazing sense of emotional release and connection to my body, I found my confidence in myself again. The physical pain and bloating that I had been experiencing diminished and I was left feeling fantastic. The further two massages really helped to deepen the healing and each time I was left feeling present to my body and to my emotional needs.  A truly wonderful experience and a treatment I would highly recommend." TK

"For many years I have had a bloated and uncomfortable stomach. I am very energetic but my tummy always pains me and looks unglamorous. I was introduced to Natalie by a trusted friend who had had her magic hands work wonders on her. Nothing but praise for Natalie.  So I drove to Bristol for an appointment to see whether she would work magic on me. I was not disappointed. Natalie is so gentle that you just can't believe what she is doing to you. She worked on my stomach and reduced the gas and stuck matter that usually causes me such anguish. I looked a  size smaller after my appointment and felt clear and well, without any medical intrusion. Natalie then advised me about my diet, guiding me on what to eat and how to eat. Natalie is one of those gifted individuals that have focused their lives on helping others obtain better health. I am fortunate to have met her and grateful for her guidance and treatments."  ZG